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Consultare Inc. provides regulatory compliance consulting services to manufacturers, distributors and importers of foods, beverages, dietary supplements, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, or electronic products.

Our Mission is to support your company’s regulatory compliance needs and to develop all necessary programs to assist your quality assurance and food safety team.


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Who are we and what we do?


Policy, Procedure, Manuals, Training, Implementation and Monitoring.

A fully integrated system that tracks your prerequisite program compliance in real time.

Website, Web Application Development, and Graphics Design


Customized Programs

( Policy, Procedure, Manuals, Training, Implementation and Monitoring )
  • Manufacturing

  • Healthcare

  • Logistics

  • Warehouse

  • Food

  • Nutraceutical

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Animal Food

  • Supply Chain Management and Companies Facing Significant Regulatory Compliance

Compliance Management Programs
  • ETRR  (Employee Training Requirements and Records)

  • RVVMP  ( Records Verification and Validation Management Program)

  • CAMP  (Corrective Action Management Program)

  • PMP - Preventive Maintenance Program

  • CAPA Pro

  • FSVP  (Foreign Supplier Verification Program)

  • SLSMP (Shelf Life Stability Management Program)

  • PCQI Pro

  • FSMS (Food Safety Management System)

  • CCMS - Customer Care Management Program

  • FFVA Pro - Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment 

  • SOP Pro

  • QMS Pro

  • PMS   ( Project Management System )

  • ICMS  (Inventory Control Management System)

  • IAMP  (Internal Audit Management Program)

  • SAMP  (Supplier Approval Management Program)


Consultare Inc.


Consultare assists food safety and quality teams by developing and monitoring regulated Programs, Policies, Procedures (SOPs), Work Instructions, Forms for Records, Training, Document Control Management, and Certification Implementation both on and off the facility. Our company helps to ensure that everyone who seeks to comply with the Preventive Controls, Produce Safety Rules, and the Foreign Supplier Verification Program has the compliance and monitoring system necessary to comply with the requirements and to make a determination that their facility’s operations are complying in real-time.

We cover certification and regulatory requirements for GMP, Food Safety, HACCP, Preventive and Process Controls in the ready-to-eat, ready-to-cook, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, functional food, medical food, beverage manufacturing, seafood, produce growing and processed operations.

Arnel Ryan

Founder, Consultare Inc.


Food Safety,

Preventive Control Regulatory Compliance Developer, and Monitoring Consultant







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Brand Owner

Nutraceutical,Functional Food

Arnel and the Consultare team has been incredible to work with. They provide top notch sevices at very reasonable and transparent prices!


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Director of Operations

Ready To Eat,Dietary Supplement


Team is awesome and responds very quickly.